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Portraits for 20€ vs portraits for 300€

Recently I was invited on a business networking event. I got 5min to present to 100+ people my business portraits. To brake the stage fright i decided to present myself in a comedic kind of way. So I asked people “Who likes to be photographed?”, and only a few hands were in the air. OK… so who thinks he is not photogenic? Almost every body lifted their hands.
I was not surprised with that reaction. Since I started shooting portraits professionally I invested much time to learn why are people so scared in front of a camera. It was similar to the fear of dogs for people who were attacked when they were little. Some of us had the luck to end up in the hands of a professional photographer when we were little kids, but most of us just ended up with bad photos. The explanation for bad photos were that we are not photogenic enough.
Is that really true? Are only celebrity actors and singers photogenic or they also have some photos where they look like they do not know what they are doing?
Lets look at Tom Cruise when he was young.
Huh… agent Hunt had no clue how to look cool when he was young. Now lets see him again few years later.
Yes, Mr. Mission Impossible look way better than before. How is that possible? After all it is the same person!
What about the ladies? Does Angelina have the same problem?
Lets look and see how she performed when she was young.
Young and beautiful you would say, but what about the expression? She is scared a bit.
And here it is. The Vanity Fair cover. She looks much more confident and cool.
Lets see now how regular non famous people react to camera. First on the list is company CEO.
On the first photo he is the same as Tom and Angelina. Scared and confused.
On the second photo he received instructions from me as to what to do with his neck, mouth, eyes ect…
You will agree that on the second photo he looks completely transformed.
Next on our non famous list is the man who runs the accounting business. He contacted me because I wrote on my web site that there are no un photogenic people. He wanted to see if that is true.
And again the first photo was without my instructions.
On the other photo he followed my instructions and ended up surprised with the photo we made.
It is the photographers job to pull the best out of his models no matter how stiff they are. It is not Your job to know how to pose. The photographer has to know how to pose you, light you and only then he is allowed to take the photo.
Here is one lady that looks pretty good on her first photo. But there is a chance for her to look much better.
Again my instructions made her look much better than on the first one. There is no magical photoshop here. I just use my techniques to teach You how to pose and look great. You can learn it just as this people did.
Here is one more example of the before & after effect.
Based on the standards You want to accept, You decide how much you will spend and who will shoot and make Your photos. This small educational article was made for You to see and learn that it is not so easy to make a great photo of some every day person.
Are You ready to present your self on the internet? Do You have a photograph that represents You in the best light possible?
It is time for You to learn how to pose properly, it is time to book a shoot with me so we can break the myth about non photogenic people, and You can finally look at Your professional business portraits and say:

“These are the best photos I had in my lifetime!”


Book your appointment here : booking@poslovniportreti.hr
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